It’s always about the people.  It’s very personal for me.  I’m drawn by intensity, intimacy and authenticity in my subjects.  I look for a face that is lived in, a spirit I can connect with, a truth that is shared. Always looking for a sense of humanity and place with emotion in my storytelling.

I am curious about different cultures, here and abroad, and search for interesting visual stories that tell us something about everyday people in everyday life.  I engage with my subjects, and for a moment have a shared experience and in a sense become a part of their world.  I want you, the viewer to experience this as well.  I consider this “moment” an honor and treat my subjects with the utmost dignity and respect.  I strive to show common humanity.

I want my viewers to follow my path, share this curiosity and replace it with a sense of truth and wonder.  When this happens a very simple connection is born, which is a beautiful thing.

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