I’m a foodie, love my healthy organic produce, live in the Bay Area and for years have driven by many of the beautiful farms in our area not knowing a thing about them.  I had never pulled over, had never asked the questions to begin to understand what it takes for us enjoy this rich bounty of food.  I’ve changed this and have spent considerable time connecting with farmers.  I’ve focused on the smaller, family run farms, which are in abundance in the Monterey area.   I’ve learned it takes a lot of hard work, skill, courage and involves huge risks.  Unfortunately we’ve seen so many of these risks come to fruition in 2020 – extreme  weather, fires, labor shortages, supply chain issues, COVID, housing & immigration issues etc.  But with challenges often come opportunities.  The Pandemic broke the supply chain for a few months which opened up an opportunity for these small farmers to sell directly to the consumers in the Bay Area through CSA’s  (Community Sponsored Agriculture) and volunteers.  For many of these farmers this has completely changed the way they run their businesses — from what they grow, who they work with and most importantly how they control their cash flow.  It’s so important for us to continue to support them.  It’s about building connections with the food we eat.  Check out Tera Farm

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