The Unveiling

The unveiling is an exploration of family and self through pictures and found items. COVID struck and I began sorting, tossing and rearranging things in my new limited world. I found photographs, clothing and items from the past, but they all looked so different to me now. Who were these people? Why were these “things”so important to me that I kept them? I was seeing them all from a completely new perspective, from my older and more mature self. It’s fascinating how images can evoke such a dynamic array of emotions and narratives throughout our lives. Our mind sees things (and feels things) very differently depending on our experiences over time. This narrative has the capacity to evolve as we grow. Our stories can change. What is the truth?

I’ve combined items to create visual stories with my camera to tell these new stories. I have unveiled new stories and have in essence reimagined my family narrative.

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